Week 1 Summary ds106

During this first week of class I learned that even simple tasks can be time consuming even if you think they won’t be.  Just the process of creating new accounts and posting was for me. Some easy things for me were getting a domain and installing WordPress because I had both of those set up already from the past. I found it harder setting up the social media accounts and doing introductions with them because I had never used them, such as Flickr and Soundcloud. The only thing that drove me crazy was trying to embed my Twitter post. The copy and paste using the URL link seemed to work for everything else except that. The thing I enjoyed most was writing this post because it allowed me to backtrack and think on the things I need to get more familiar with.

Superhero Theme ds106

I like the superhero theme. I have seen most of the superhero movies ever since I was a kid. My favorite movies are the Spider Man and Batman movies, but my favorite superhero is The Hulk. With the superhero theme, I think it can be fun because you could try to take on their personalities throughout the course to help get through it.